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Designer makes way to China and creates path for others to follow suit

Fashion and custom bridal gown designer Jalona Marie Falkner has created a new company called The China Connect to share her knowledge and overseas success with other entrepreneurs.

“I launched The China Connect initially to provide bridal salon owners, dress designers and retail entrepreneurs of various products the opportunity to cut out the middleman and establish personal relationships with vendors in China,” said Falkner. “By reducing the cost of materials and wholesale items, profit margins can be greatly increased.

“I sponsored my first group tour in the fall of 2019, and those who participated were absolutely blown away by lowered prices, the vast number of product selection and the endless possibilities that come with making a direct connection with Chinese factories.”

In the upcoming year, new and established entrepreneurs can travel with Falkner to Suzhou and Guangzhou, China to meet with manufacturers and vendors, explore markets with thousands of items and take a crash course in how to do business with China for maximum profits. The business tourists will also get to witness firsthand the conditions and work environment for Chinese workers to ensure humane employment practices.

“I have an eBook coming out Friday, December 20,” said Falkner. “There is just a broad variety of products, just about anything you can think of – from clothing to home furnishings, lamp shades and rugs. Each aspiring business person must find his or her own niche. That’s the secret. Find a niche.”

Falkner began doing business with factories and B2B outlets in the Far East through her custom women’s wear and bridal gown company in 2008. Because of her keen fashion sense and reach across the world, hundreds of brides have walked down aisles in the wedding gown of their dreams, at an affordable price. She resides in Memphis with her family and uses online market outlets to service clients around the country and throughout the world.

The 2020 China tour is divided into two legs. The first leg is March 21-28 and will cater to professionals who sell or who want to begin selling products in a retail setting. Such merchandise as hair, beauty, fashion, electronics and novelty items would be featured.

The second leg is March 28-April 3 and will strictly cater to bridal professionals. Those interested in reserving a spot in the upcoming China Connect tour should visit TheChinaConnect.com no later than December 31, 2019.

Cierra Lauren, proprietor of Cierra Lauren Designs, in Columbus, OH, said going to China was the best decision she has ever made for her business.

“The extensive and well-established network I built for our store in only six short days could have never been done on my efforts alone. It has allowed me to offer my clients a wider variety of quality products at competitive prices,” said Lauren. “My profit margin has increased almost exponentially.”

While networking over the years, Falkner learned many entrepreneurs desired to connect with China-based businesses but were not sure how to go about it. The China Connect walks participants through the process, providing a China Business Tour Journal & Workbook to ensure that they don’t miss crucial preparation steps such as securing the proper visa and a passport.

The tours include round-trip airfare, lodging, factory visits, market visits, coaching sessions and more. Once the tour concludes, each participant will have a viable list of possible vendors, along with realistically devised vision and profit goals for their business. Many are often able to launch multiple businesses moving a number of products, simultaneously.

Falkner plans to host two additional tours. They are slated for September 26 through October 2, 2020.

(For more information, visit www.TheChinaConnect.com.)

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