Tomi Lahren is a certified troll. Our friend Damon Young of Very Smart Brothas calls stuck “Darth” in front of her name to truly capture the essence of her evil. She’s like Donald Trump in Becky’s clothing.

So when radio personality, author and all-around professional under-your-skin-dweller, Charlamagne tha God was not only spotted with Lahren, but tweeted about her, challenging women of color to essentially get on her level, a hefty population of black folks decided that he’s deserving of his own “Donkey of the Day” moniker and many claimed that Charlamagne must have some sort of vendetta against black women.


The Root sat down with Charlamagne to address his relationship with the problematic Tomi Lahren and to get to the bottom of the burning question: Does Charlamagne hate black women? Check out the video above.