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Embrace your flyness with hair from ‘Madali’

Madali Chief Marketing Officer Bianca Blake (Courtesy Photo: Madali)

Madali is a Black-owned company that specializes in providing online hair extensions, closures, frontals, and wigs. The brand features “100 percent real” Filipino hair for Black women to choose from.

“We need more reputable Black companies,” said Madali Chief Marketing Officer Bianca Blake. “Madali has done well at becoming one of those companies.”

According to the company’s website, Filipino hair matches African American hair texture better than other textures such as Indian and Chinese. The two textures have more similarities in natural curl pattern, provided an overall more natural look once completed.

Madali, which is the Filipino word for “easy,” says its product eliminates any potential issues its customers may have experienced with other brands of hair such as tangling and matting.

Madali comes in 5 styles: Straight, Wave, Bounce, Curl, and Kinky and in lengths from 10’ to 30’.

What year were you founded?


What inspired you to launch your business?

Black economic empowerment. We want Black dollars in Black hands. We want to be the brand that is for us by us and offers the best product. We found out there was a huge unmet need in the market for customer service. Often times, Black women are mistreated during this hair journey. It is less of an experience and more of a transaction. We not only want to satisfy our customers we, but we want to delight them with best in class quality, best in class pricing (value), and most of all best in class customer service.

What makes your brand/product unique?

The brand stands for luxury Filipino hair extensions. It is unique because from the Philippines a place where the hair texture is closer to that of Black Americans. In addition to that, we also create multiple shades of lace on our lace front wigs, frontals, and closures for optimal blending. We try to put together a product and a service offering that is optimal for the women who are going to be using the product. That is what makes Madali different from other weave brands.

Why should everyone #BuyBlack this holiday season?

If we don’t buy Black we won’t be Black for long. Our culture will be lost if we don’t have an economy to support it. Buying Black allows for Black businesses to create jobs for Black people and those jobs allow for the economy to prosper and for the culture to be cultivated. If we are able to buy products that we are using as a community, then we enable the people that know us to create a better product and we are stronger as a community. Ultimately, in order to strengthen our culture and community we have to put the dollars back into the people who are going to be better at producing products that we actually use. We have to level up a bit and not just think about buying Black as being the Black guy on the corner selling sunglasses or a soul food restaurant in our community and actually think further than that and go into these larger Black companies that can actually grow and be a big part of the community.

How do you pay it forward within your community?

We pay it forward through who we hire and the suppliers that we use.

What is your business mantra?

Protection for beautiful, Black hair. We know that no Black woman has to have a weave, but [some may] want to achieve a style that can be harsh to their hair or transition their hair from relaxed to natural. We believe that using Madali extensions can be a useful tool in protecting the hair against harsh styling, against sun damage etc. We believe that Black hair is worth protecting.

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Chalise Macklin is a freelance writer and producer for theGrio.

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