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F.F.U.N. plans annual outing ‘Celebrating Our Differences’ on Saturday

Freedom From Unnecessary Negatives (F.F.U.N.) will host its 10th Annual Multicultural Unity in the Community and Family Picnic in Audubon Park, 4145 Southern Ave., on Oct. 19.

The event’s theme is “Celebrating Our Differences.” Activities run from noon to 4 p.m. and will be set in the section of the park near Park Ave. and Goodlett.

The free gathering is an element of F.F.U.N.’s Stop the Killing initiative, which is designed to increase awareness about the impact of crime and senseless killings. Through the initiative, youth are educated on how to have positive behavior, respect for one another and authority and an appreciation of differences and the importance of family and safe neighborhoods.

“This alternative prevention tool is designed to help young people learn how to overcome barriers, resolve conflict and deter crime and deadly confrontations,” said Stevie Moore, F.F.U.N.’s president and founder.

For more information, visit ffunsaveyouth.org. Contact: Stevie Moore at 901-502-7387; email: Stevie@ffunsaveyouth.org. Or, call Rosiland Moore, 901-527-3149; email rosiland@ffunsaveyouth.org.

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