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Fox News: ‘Maybe the Russians were colluding with Hillary’

Fox News: ‘Maybe the Russians were colluding with Hillary’ politics Eric Bolling Russia

(Twitter/Fox News)

Fox News had an interesting take on Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with Russians that some are calling evidence of collusion. They posited that perhaps the real Russian collusion was between the Russians and the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Eric Bolling spoke of Don Jr. meeting with the Russian lawyer and at least 6 other people. He brought up the group behind the Trump dossier and its reported links to people before saying, “Instead of pointing the finger at Donald Trump Jr. and saying maybe he’s colluding… with the Russians, maybe the Russians were colluding with Hillary Clinton to get information on Donald Trump.” This despite there being zero evidence of anything of the sort.

— Trump Jr. was told in email of Russian effort to aid father’s campaign — 

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