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Frank Ocean’s new album is out Friday on Apple Music

It’s finally happening: Frank Ocean is giving us a new album.

Fans have been anticipating Boys Don’t Cry since its announcement last April, in which Ocean said in a Tumblr post that the album would be coming soon and indicated in tags that the release would be July of 2015.

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But July passed fans by with no sign of the album, and what’s more, the following months still gave us no sign of new music. It has been an entire year now, and at last, it looks like we are getting the album after such a long wait.

According to The VergeBoys Don’t Cry will be released on Friday, August 5th, as an Apple Music exclusive, and fans everywhere are rejoicing.

Promotional photos from Frank Ocean's website: http://boysdontcry.co

Promotional photos from Frank Ocean’s website: http://boysdontcry.co

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On Monday morning, Ocean also updated his website with a live stream that was hosted by Apple Music. During the livestream, he could be seen in a woodwork shop, and while some music can be heard in the background, it is not immediately clear whether or not the music is from the upcoming album, Boys Don’t Cry.

In the meantime, Ocean fans will just have to wait a few more days and hope that this time, they’ll get that album on time.

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