The Rev. Myron Armstrong founded Agape Christian Faith Ministries with his wife, Lanita Armstrong, and a handful of faithful supporters. (Courtesy photo)

The Rev. Myron Armstrong’s ministerial journey began 35 years ago when “God instructed me to start my church in the garage of our family home.”

“The name was to be Agape Christian Faith Ministries,” Armstrong recalled. “It was to be a ministry of Godly love and Christ-like faith. I moved forward and obeyed the Lord. Our first service was in our garage on October 28, 1985.”

Pastor Armstrong began with his wife, Lanita Armstrong, a registered nurse, his immediate family and a few other believers who embraced his vision for building a loving, God-directed congregation.

On February 7, 1988, a service was held in the Holiday Inn on Sycamore View. Five people were in attendance.

“We witnessed a powerful move of God without a big crowd,” said Rev. Armstrong. “The Bible says, ‘Where two or three people are gathered in My name, there I will be in the midst.’ We witnessed this truth first-hand.”

On the following Thursday, Agape Ministries gathered at the home of one of Armstrong’s close friends. It was Bible study night; 15 people participated.

Over the next few weeks, God showed him that he was not being fully obedient and that he was allowing impatience to make decisions for him,” he said.

“In other words, the Lord wasn’t moving fast enough for my liking. When God showed me I was being disobedient, we moved back into our garage to hold church service. And we saw miracles of divine favor. I know it was because we submitted to the command of God.”

Carpet, chairs, ceiling fans and a podium for the “pulpit” were all donated. Slowly but surely Agape Christian Faith Ministries began to attract new members. An official church dedication was held December 4, 1988 at Watkins Chapel CME Church.

Meanwhile, services continued in the garage. Over the next several years, Agape members met faithfully. They were in support mode when Armstrong said he experienced another divine word of direction.

“God said, ‘You build the people, and I will build the buildings.’ As the membership grew, we took the ministry outside the church walls. We began a prison ministry, outreach to families in trauma and crisis, and helped whenever we could, wherever we could.”

Today, Agape’s cadre of believers minister to the homebound and shut-ins and extend community outreach to families. They meet at a member’s home in Tipton County. Every fourth and fifth Sunday, Agape fellowships with two other churches: Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding Ministries and True Faith Baptist Church.

“We have experienced change and loss over the years,” said Armstrong, “but Agape Ministries has withstood every test with the Lord’s help. We will always do what God has instructed, and that is to save souls – whether we have a little or we are living in abundance.

“We will never be ashamed of the gospel. And because we trust the Lord, we know we will never be put to shame.”