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‘Go-to’ beverage ready for Paula & Raiford’s thanks to Grind City Brewing Company

Paula Raiford, owner of Paula & Raiford’s Disco, and Grind City Brewing Company are set to launch two new Raiford Disco-inspired beer flavors.

The beverage flavors, Hollywood Hustle beer and Disco Dynamite seltzer, were inspired by the spirit and legacy of Raiford’s late father, Robert Raiford.

The newly crafted beers will debut and be available at the disco at 14 South Second St. exclusively on Friday (March 25).

The Raiford name has been a staple in the community since Robert established the original disco dance hall in 1976. Since then, Paula Raiford has carried on the late-night torch and her club is a Downtown destination every Friday and Saturday night.

“In everyday life, I’m always trying to make my dad proud,” said Raiford. “I still think about him and wonder, ‘What would he want me to do…how would he want me to keep his name alive?’ This is a celebration and I know he’d be proud of what I have created.”

Lane StLuka, sales director and manager of Sponsorships and Partnerships at Grind City, saw an opportunity to produce and craft the specialty beers that would be the go-to beverage while partying at the disco.

“Knowing that Paula was dedicated to doing this and carrying on her father’s legacy, we knew that this was something special we should support,” StLuka said.

The doors at Paula & Raiford’s Disco open at 10 p.m., with sections available to reserve.


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