Hamilton-to-TSU connection: (top, l-r) NaCatron Toy, Hope Eaton, Nivea Ayers; (bottom) Del'Tyana Curry-Carter, Javon Hurt. (Photos: Shirley Jackson)

All Shelby County Schools seniors in the Class of 2022 with a 3.5 GPA or higher have an academic home at Tennessee State University, if they chose.

Five Hamilton High School seniors fitting that bill have decided to pursue their education at the historic HBCU (historically Black college and universities).


Hope Eaton (Photo: Shirley Jackson)

Hope Eaton is a strong-minded, trustworthy and kind student. Her hobbies include watching Marvel comics and cooking. In her spare time, she enjoys taking care of her dog. Hope has been a member of the Hamilton High School Marching Band since the ninth grade. In college, she plans to major in psychology and become a therapist.

NaCatron Toy (Photo: Shirley Jackson)

NaCatron Toy is the captain of the Hamilton High School majorette squad. She has served as a member of the squad since ninth grade. She enjoys hairstyling and dancing and plans to major in business at TSU. She aspires to open her own hair salon one day.

Nivea Ayers (Photo: Shirley Jackson)

Nivea Ayers is reaching for success. Family and friends describe her as optimistic, easy-going and relentless. A member of the National Honor Society, she enjoys watching movies, spending time with family/friends and shopping. Her aspiration is to become a pharmaceutical pharmacist, with the long-term goal of opening her own pharmacy.

Del’Tyana Curry-Carter (Photo: Shirley Jackson)

Del’Tyana Carter has her sights set on becoming a traveling nurse and helping people all over the nation. She volunteers at two residential elderly care facilities, where she helps with clerical work and reads the Bible to residents. Her hobbies are shopping, watching action movies and trying new restaurants whenever she travels. Ambitious yet tranquil, she lives by Proverbs 3:15. Her motto: “Be at peace and not in pieces.”

Javon Hurt (Photo: Shirley Jackson)

Javon Hurt enjoys listening and playing music. As a small boy, he plucked at guitar strings, fingered piano keys and tapped away on the drums in his grandmother’s living room. At 12, he began composing melodies. When he turned 14, he started learning more about music production, artworks and how to play almost every instrument he touched in the marching band. He also enjoys the creativity of graphic designing. He plans to major in music production and/or music business.