Megan Mottley: "As a mom and entrepreneur, I hope I encourage small business owners to persevere despite tough times, and I especially look forward to more local support." (Courtesy photos)

Megan Mottley has had a whirlwind romance with her Goodness Gracious Luxe Cookies brand.

From cookie-bake fundraiser to featured Memphis entrepreneur on television’s “The View,” the savvy businesswoman is proving that fresh-baked, homemade cookies really are essential during a global pandemic.

When Mottley decided to take the plunge into a built-from-the-ground-up cookie business in 2017, she never imagined her journey would take her to the national stage on “The View.”

“I was featured on a segment called ‘View Your Deal,’” said Mottley. “It’s a promotion by a small business, which highlights savings or a company’s special deal.

“I was running 50-percent off of my cookie mix. My segment ran on Tuesday, July 21, and ended this week on Tuesday.”

Instead of a live appearance or ZOOM-powered interview, Mottley sent in a pre-recorded video touting her cookies in the forms of cookie dough and fresh mix.

She also thanked her customers in Memphis and everyone who has ordered from her.

“The View” appearance was a long time coming, but it all started back in 2017 when Mottley auditioned for the business capital investment show “Shark Tank.”

Although Mottley didn’t make the cut, the ABC Network approached her to appear on its longest-running, daytime talk show. Then 2020 came, and this was going to be the year Goodness Gracious expands its market share worldwide.

And then, the pandemic happened. And for any kind of business looking to survive COVID-19 and thrive, even in the midst of it, adjustments had to be made, and changes would be inevitable.

“Some time after I had just gotten started, one of my repeat customers asked me if I could sell her frozen cookie dough so she could just bake my cookies whenever she liked,” said Mottley. “I said, ‘Yes, I can do that.’”

That was before the pandemic when life was simple and the cookie delivery business was booming.

But mid-March came, COVID-19 invaded Shelby County and cookie deliveries came to a screeching halt.

Schools were closed, so her substitute teaching gigs dried up.

“I have a daughter, Kaitlyn, going into her second year at the University of Memphis,” said Mottley. “I have to provide for her and make sure she has every thing she needed, no matter what’s going on.”

Then, Mottley started thinking: “What if I start mass-producing my frozen cookie dough and cookie mix to sell? People will feel safe and still get to enjoy my original cookie recipes.”

That is how a fresh cookie delivery business thrives, despite a global pandemic.

Mottley began producing frozen cookie dough in a stay-fresh bag, scooped out in the exact measure she scoops out her own cookies. Then, she got another idea. Sell the cookie mix, and all the customer has to do is add the wet ingredients – water and eggs.

Mottley quickly found cute, brand packaging to keep both the cookie dough and the cookie mix fresh with every use, and that is how Goodness Gracious Luxe Cookies thrive in a pandemic.

Internet orders come on her website, and shipping delivers the product all over the country. Locally, some of Mottley’s regular customers like their freshly baked cookies delivered the same day.

“The View” appearance opened up sales possibilities nationally and Mottley is hopeful these are not just one-time orders. She hopes those ordering from around the nation will join the ranks of her loyal customer base.

“I was beyond excited for the opportunity to bring Goodness Gracious Luxe Cookies into homes nationwide,” Mottley said. “As a mom and entrepreneur, I hope I encourage small business owners to persevere despite tough times, and I especially look forward to more local support.”

Mottley’s Goodness Gracious products have been used to raise money for non-profits in massive fundraising drives. Mottley has also secured such corporate clients as Nike, FedEx, and The Hilton Corporation.

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