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Gospel star Earnest Pugh mentoring choir at his alma mater

Gospel star Earnest Pugh’s alma mater is Millington Central High School, where he now is giving back by mentoring students in the school’s gospel choir once a month.

Pugh’s mentoring sessions with the Millington Gospel Choir are set for the first Friday of each month, with the first held Dec. 6.

“My purpose is to help them find their passion in order to pursue their purpose in the earth,” said Pugh, whose mentoring thrust is very much associated with his upbringing in the Chapel Hill community of Shelby County.

“At age 9, my sister and I witnessed a fatal shooting (first degree murder) that transpired in our neighborhood. We were devastated, to say the least, but reality set in all the more when our mother was confronted by the killer on numerous occasions with death threats,” he said. “Eventually, she decided to move us to the Millington area. The relocation put my sister and me in what seemed to us a very strange environment. We were in a new school, with new friends, and a new neighborhood. But our saving grace was the Millington Central Gospel Choir.

“This class kept us off the street and kept us focused on our academics and community events and eventually paved a path for me to receive a free college degree.”

As a mentor, Pugh will share his experiences in music and his path to becoming a Billboard Magazine best-selling gospel artist and music industry mogul. He will cover topics such as “Maintaining Character in Culture”, “Preparing To Thrive Not Just Survive” and “The Vision vs. The Provision.”

“I want to make sure the next generation obtains counsel and guidance to, likewise, secure their future via a college education,” said Pugh.

(For more information visit www.earnestpugh.com; https://mchs.millingtonschools.org.)

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