GritGrindGrizz: Countdown to the NBA Draft


Well it’s finally here — NBA Draft Day 2018. And your Memphis Grizzlies will make their selection with the No. 4 pick. Questions swirl and methinks that’s a good thing.

  • Will Luka Doncic fall to No. 4?
  • Will Memphis trade down with a shot a snapping up Michael Porter Jr. or Trae Young?
  • Will they package the No. 4 with Chandler Parsons to clear some cap space?

It’s shaping up to be a fast and furious Draft night. Beyond DeAndre Ayton’s inevitable selection by Phoenix, so much of what the Grizzlies do will depend on what Sacramento and Atlanta do before them — not just who they might pick, but who they might trade for.

Oh, and none of that factors in what happens overnight, the overnight wheeling and dealing. Remember that time you went to sleep with Kevin Love as your new power forward and woke up to find out O.J. Mayo was coming to Memphis?

Truth is, the NBA Draft is just the kickoff of the offseason — free agency and trades will still dramatically reshape the NBA next season. One way or another, the Grizzlies will be affected by that — and hopefully the beneficiary of it.

Anyway, check out my thoughts in this clip. And tune to our Facebook page for live coverage from FedExForum, along with our brilliant young intern Damichael Cole!

Grind ON!