“I think I look great!” chuckled Mike Conley as he eyeballed a wall-size projection of himself in the Grizzlies’ snazzy new uniform designs.

Gotta say, I like ’em.

Not only is the team apparently doubling down on its “Grit N Grind” defense and hard work identity, it’s decidedly embracing Memphis. In a rundown of the design considerations, Grizz COO Jason Wexler pointed out the “asymmetric” nature of Memphis and how that’s reflected in a single stripe down the right side of the jersey, mimicking the Mississippi River and how the city grew eastward from it. There’s a blue collar on all the new jerseys (hard work), while of course updating the neon-light effect on the main letters.

And then, of course, there’s the FedEx Logo. FedEx President and Chief Operating Officer David J. Bronczek said that when he got the call from Wexler about the jersey branding, things progressed quickly and naturally.

Finally, Wexler announced that the Grizzlies are embracing their “against the grain” identity in the NBA by having the ONLY NBA court with its wood going from sideline to sideline instead of basket to basket. Makes more sense when you see it, but Wexler said, “When people see our court on TV, they’ll know it’s Memphis.”

Check out the photos from the unveiling, as well as some pre-preseason remarks from Mike Conley and Dillon Brooks.