Grizzlies snatch defeat from jaws of victory, blow huge lead to lose to Denver Nuggets, 95-92


There’s not much to say about this game, really. The Grizzlies should have coasted to a comfortable win over the Denver Nuggets, given that at one point they held a 25-point lead, even carrying a 17-point lead into the fourth quarter. They collapsed.

Kyle Anderson may catch flak for blowing two easy scoring opportunities (three if you count the behind the backboard shot he actually made . . . with his foot out of bounds). But it wasn’t all on him. It takes a whole team to squander a huge fourth-quarter lead. Even Grizzlies Coach J.B. Bickerstaff could do little more than shrug during his postgame remarks:

So what, then, shall we talk about? Ah, yes, the awkwardness of whether or not we just saw Mike Conley and Marc Gasol suit up on Beale Street for the last time. Either one or both could be traded any day now, so maybe we did, maybe we didn’t. But just in case, check out the Conductor and Big Spain as they talk about the loss . . . and about saying goodbye when you might not be going anywhere.