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‘I’m not here to be a token’: Fox anchor details network’s racism in press conference

On Wednesday, Kelly Wright, a Fox News anchor, held a press conference in which he detailed Fox’s “systemic and institutional racial bias.”

Wright said that he enjoyed working at Fox and had made many friends and admired many of his colleagues, but he felt that he could not remain silent any longer when so many others were coming forward about the racial problems running rampant through the network and through the news lately.

“I should not have some sort of glass ceiling placed over me,” he said. “Management should not place an umbrella or a lid over my career or the career of anyone… simply based on the color of our skin and what they deem is ‘acceptable’ to their viewers.”

Wright then addressed the fact that people had told him he would never be fired because Fox needed a black anchor to show that they were not racist. He is, after all, the only black man on staff.

“Some people have said, ‘You’re in a good position, forget about it. Fox would never get rid of you because they need more black men to defend themselves against the critics who accuse Fox of racial bias,’” he said. “Well, I’m not here to be a token, either. I’m here to be a valued employee.”

— Sean Hannity is latest Fox News host accused of sexual harassment — 

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