In shadow of trade buzz, Conley leads Grizz to rousing 108-106 win over Timberwolves


There are plenty of reasons to have been cheering for the Grizzlies to get this win over the Minnesota Timberwolves. Maybe it’s because of the painful way that the Grizzlies lost to this same team on a last second heave by Karl-Anthony Towns just last week. Or maybe you’re just sick of losing and want a win period.

But at the top of the list is this: If the Grizzlies do indeed trade Mike Conley and/or Marc Gasol before tomorrow’s trade deadline, this would be their final home game in a Grizzlies uniform. And you want to send the beloved players out with a win on the home court.

And the signs were (are?) pointing to a Gasol trade. Even as it was announced that Marc Gasol would not play, media noted that his No. 33 is gone from his locker, which is largely cleared out. He came out in the first half to show support for his team and received and extended emotional standing ovation from a small but adoring crowd.

And the Grizzlies played spirited ball from the jump, overcoming their tendency to erase good first half play with awful second half play. They squeaked out the win, 108-106.

Check out my Three Point Play above, as well as postgame comments from Mike Conley below . . .