President-elect Donald Trump rode a wave of populism and big promises all the way to the White House. (Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons)
Brian Clay
Brian Clay

By Brian Clay

I have been “strategically quiet” about the goings on in D.C. For one reason, it’s been exasperating trying to address “the occupier” of the White House, “45.” (I will not dignify him as President, or call his name.)

“45” has openly turned what we know as “The Presidency” into a gigantic mockery. His tyrannical gaffes have singlehandedly put our country into a deep state of perilous divisiveness.

However, his “racist comments” against The Squad has set this country in an absolute tizzy that in my lifetime I have never experienced.

Yet, the most disturbing conundrum that resonates is how our Latino citizens have been treated by…“45.”

Beyond all of the technical aspects of what is immigration is the fact our Latin brethren from south of the borders have been visibly thrown in cages and treated like they are subhuman.

Doesn’t this sound eerily familiar? More than 400 years ago, we were brought here in slave ships, thrown in cages and treated like savages.

Our community cannot turn a blind eye to what is happening to black and brown people in this country. …

Black men are continually under attack by police and thrown in jail at a ridiculous rate.

“Nazi-like gestapos” unlawfully terrorize our Latin family (as they) seek asylum… from crazed hooligans in places like Venezuela, Honduras and other Latin nations. …

At Greater Memphis Media, Inc., of which I am a founder and CEO, our motto is “Intelligent information and ideas for today’s urban intellectual.” The geopolitical pursuit of eradicating black and brown people is in full effect… It’s essential that my “intelligent” brothers and sisters give thought to this crisis…

(Brian Clay, founder, executive producer and host of “The Brian Clay Chronicles,” is a founder and CEO of Greater Memphis Media, Inc.)