Invictus Academy Launches Youth Advocacy Pantry to Support Teen Parents and Families in Memphis Shelby County Schools


In a heartening development, Invictus Academy has opened the doors of its new Youth Advocacy Pantry, a compassionate initiative designed to support both male and female teen parents, as well as families enrolled in Memphis Shelby County Schools.

This grand opening marks a significant step in addressing the nutritional needs of these young families, underscoring the belief that access to adequate food is a crucial foundation for both physical and academic growth.

In partnership with the Mid-South Food Bank, Invictus Academy is poised to ‘feed the need’ of teen parents and their families. This initiative offers a beacon of hope and support, providing a dignified and resourceful way for students and their families to access nutritious food. One student reflected on the importance of the pantry.

“It’s a good opportunity for us to have food for our child, and it’s good to have the pantry at school for the teen moms and their kids,” said Invictus student A. Scott in a YouTube video announcing the pantry.

The significance of the pantry is heightened by the fact that all students at Invictus Academy Airways are economically disadvantaged. The presence of this food pantry through the Youth Advocacy Program will offer substantial support not only to the students but also to their families.

The pantry is part of a broader initiative known as YAP (Youth Advocacy Program), which is focused on bridging the gap between students and the resources they need. An advisor from the academy emphasized their role in connecting students with necessary support.

“We are here to provide,” said Antonio Pendleton, Youth Advocacy Program adviser. “YAP bridges the gap.”

The official opening of the Youth Advocacy Program Pantry was met with applause and celebration, symbolizing more than just the provision of food. It represents a commitment to nurturing compassion, inclusivity, and empowerment within the educational community. This initiative ensures that every student at Invictus Academy, irrespective of their personal challenges, has the opportunity to thrive both in school and in life.

As the Youth Advocacy Pantry begins its journey, it stands as a testament to the school’s dedication to not just educating minds but also nourishing bodies and spirits within the Memphis Shelby County Schools community.