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Is Barack Obama taking his talents to the San Antonio Spurs?

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Former U.S. President Barack Obama (Photo by Yana Paskova/Getty Images)

After leaving the White House many speculated about what Barack Obama‘s next career move could look like.

Could his passion for basketball play a role?

but he might be willing to make a career change to the San Antonio Spurs.

Barack Obama reportedly told Sarah Martinez of the San Antonio Current that he wouldn’t mind meeting with the Spurs about the possibility of being a free agent for their team, because he believes in the team and what they are doing.

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“They’re smart, they’re well-run, they’re focused on team,” he said during the MIT Sports Analytics Conference. “They treat everybody in the organization with respect, and that is the kind of organization that I want to be a part of. So I would say over the last 15 years in basketball, San Antonio would be a great example of that.”

Head coach Gregg Popovich reportedly had a few thoughts for the former commander-in-chief.

“That’s very flattering,” he told Melissa Rohlin of the Bay Area News Group of the former president’s comments. “I’d have to do a background check on him, though, because I’ve heard some things he’s done in the past aren’t very good. I can’t remember where I heard that stuff, but I’d have to do a background check.”

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It’s no surprise that Barack Obama would pick the Spurs for his team, since he’s been vocal about praising their approach to basketball.

He said back in January 2015 that the team was “a great metaphor for what America should be all about” when they came to visit the White House.

Contrast this to, say, Donald Trump, who rescinded the Golden State Warriors’ invitation to the White House over players’ criticism of him and his policies.

While it’s not likely that we’ll see Obama donning a jersey and hitting the court for the Spurs, we love the idea that Obama is ready to chase that dream!

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