Issa Rae Is Not So Insecure in Her CoverGirl Commercial Debut

Issa Rae featured in CoverGirl’s “The Pickup” ad for its Melting Pout Metallic lipstick (CoverGirl via YouTube screenshot)

The CoverGirl ad campaign for the special-edition Melting Pout Metallic lipstick went live Monday, and with Issa Rae as the featured star of both the ad and the campaign, it’s the 73-second episode of Insecure we didn’t know we needed.

In a nod to Rae’s character on her HBO series, “The Pickup” ad features the actress and comedian sitting at a bar talking to an unidentified potential love interest as music plays in the background.


She’s cute. She’s flirty. She offers quips, including one referencing the famous Insecure couch that Lawrence and Issa once shared in their apartment.

Her hair is blown out, and she’s giving us full-on not-so-awkward black girl as she smiles, winks, shows off her metallic lipstick and generally makes us curious as to who it is she’s giving all this attention to.

And then it’s revealed. In yet another ode to her HBO character, Rae is shown to be talking to her own reflection in a mirror. Because in the end, we all just want Issa Rae to be herself, and that is exactly what she does in this ad.


Kudos to Rae for landing the coveted gig. Kudos to CoverGirl for doing the ad the right way.

Watch the ad below and give us your thoughts in the comments.

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