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Jai Musiq rolls forward with ‘The Sap Junt’

After months of releasing singles, music videos, freestyles, radio appearances and personally funded tours across the South and beyond, Jai Musiq finally has released his long awaited project, “The Sap Junt.”

At the heart of this new wave of Memphis talent is Joshua Jones, also known as Jai Musiq. He has created some of the most generic hip-hop and R&B music to date, such as his single, “Patience.”

“Patience” is a heartfelt song about asking your significant other for time to remove any toxic traits and past pain in order to experience a healthier relationship moving forward.

“It’s really hard to box me into one genre of music because my style is so versatile. It’s not much that I can’t do musically,” says Jai Musiq.

Serious and sensitive rather than showy and materialistic, his confessional material, which deals with deeply personal relationship woes, is why his latest project is titled “The Sap Junt.”

“I chose to release my project in the colder months because we refer to these months as ‘Cuffing Season,’ says Jai Musiq, referencing that time of year when sources such as Urban Dictionary say, “People who would normally rather be single or promiscuous find themselves along with the rest of the world desiring to be ‘cuffed’ or tied down by a serious relationship.”

“And as you can probably realize by the title of this project, many of my songs are relating to love and relationships,” says Jai Musiq. “I put it out at a time where I felt it would be most relatable.”

“The Sap Junt” is nine songs of Jai Musiq molding his passions, life lessons and musical training into one project – using hip hop, R&B and spoken word.

Jai Musiq recently graduated from Morehouse College, with a bachelor’s degree in music composition.

“I began to take interest in music in middle school. I joined Snowden’s band, then from there I went to Central High School, where I was a part of the drumline as well as in the choir. I continued to be apart of the drumline as I matriculated at Morehouse College. …

“I enjoy making music. Being in the studio, creating music and performing on stage are my favorite places to be in the world.”

“The Sap Junt” is a personal and graceful triumph; a coming of age, braggadocios flex of pure Memphis steez, and a dedication to the strength of his career and those who helped him grow to this point,” says Maurice Valentino, a music columnist for thedemotape.com.

An effortless but effective fusion of his singing vocals and poetic rap flow is what separates his sound from many other artists. Though he loads up on steely bars, Jai doesn’t forget to flaunt his singing prowess.

(Jai Musiq’s “The Sap Junt” is available on all music streaming platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and YouTube. For more info, email [email protected]. Follow Jai Musiq on Instagram (@jaimusiq).)

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