We have your Independence Day barbecue playlist right here

#Access 901 columnist Joy Doss


Editor’s note: #Access901 columnist Joy Doss first shared this playlist last June in honor of African American Music month. It’s still a great playlist though so pump up the volume . . .

#ACCESS901 columnist Joy Doss

Memphis is a musical city, no doubt. And black folk are a musical people. So, it’s only fitting that the city’s oldest African-American newspaper pay tribute to the some of the music that has shaped and colored our lives, framing some of our fondest moments and memories.

Rhythm and soul run through our veins (most of us!) like lifeblood. We make music in the way we walk, talk, breathe and live. Not to romanticize us too much, but in my humble opinion, everything flows from us as if we have the tightest breakbeats or most lyrical melodies playing inside of us at all times.

Former President Jimmy Carter decreed Black Music Month on June 7, 1979. To wrap up what now widely is called African-American Music Appreciation Month, I (on behalf of The New Tri-State Defender) curated a playlist that gives a lil something to the people, whatever their flavor is. A little old school, a little new school – the new-new followed by the original.

And just in time for the Fourth of July cookouts! This can make mama happy, the kids and those of us that are in between. There are so many more great songs and samples out there but the list would go on forever and a day.

So enjoy your people, your downtime. From Rihanna/Santana to Ann Peebles/Missy to the Isleys/Biggie/Ice Cube, let these great songs bring back memories or perhaps be the soundtrack to some new ones!