This week, besides having to scroll through all things Rumi and Sir Carter, I learned that Madame Tussauds doesn’t care about black people, particularly Beyoncé, Prince, Denzel Washington and any other black wax figure they’ve made. Dr. Umar Johnson may just be a doctor after all. It took some digging from The Root‘s Michael Harriot, but he found the Ph.D. and admitted being wrong about challenging the “Dr.” in “Dr. Umar.”

That still didn’t stop everyone from calling him out for allegedly saying on The Breakfast Club that he had to renew his doctorate, in the way that you’d renew your Costco membership.


While you’re zooming in on Beyoncé’s belly button, you should zoom in on Dr. Umar’s credentials. I did…and I might be a bit of a hotep because I found myself nodding at some of the things he says. Dear God, help me. Above, watch this week’s episode of Judge of Characters—a digital show that passes judgment on pop culture through the lens of Black Twitter—to see why.

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