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KO & The Crew presents ‘The Rent Party’

For a night and for the culture, KO & The Crew is hosting an old school rent party at The Bluff on Highland.

“Rent Party: A 90s Tribute” is set for Friday (Dec. 28), kicking off at The Bluff (535 Highland) at 8 p.m.

A rent party (sometimes called a house party) is a social occasion where tenants hire a musician or band and pass the hat to raise money to pay the rent. Originating in Harlem during the 1920s, the rent party played a major role in the development of jazz and blues music.

“We decided to throw a rent party because the band members need to eat, figuratively and literally,” says Kori Wallace, the leader of KO & The Crew. “And what better city than Memphis – home of the Grit n’ Grind – to showcase young, raw talent bursting at the seams and ready to make their marks on the world.”

KO & The Crew combines several genres of music into “BlackSocialMusic.) (Courtesy photo)

KO & The Crew features nine young Memphis musicians. Collectively they offer Memphis listeners a fresh approach to music. The group combines several genres of music into what is called BlackSocialMusic.

“BlackSocialMusic is a style comprised of jazz, hip-hop, neo-soul, R&B and Spoken Word. It’s a music of stories, encounters and experiences,” says Wallace.

“Every note and word lead to the next, and together they depict the life and ties of all who listen. As we continue to maneuver through life, we will also continue to produce its soundtrack.”

Attendees can expect a meshing of feel-good 90s music with KO & The Crew’s soulful touch. The playlist will include selections such as “Feels Good” (Tony! Toni! Tone!), Whitney Houston’s “I’m Your Baby Tonight” and Ice Cube’s “It Was a Good Day.”

“The Crew’s Rent Party is the way to close out the year! We’re bringing out all of the nostalgia, that we can on the last Friday of 2018,” Wallace says.

“Whether you cut loose on the dance floor or keep your back on the wall, our rent party is sure to be a night to remember.”

(Tickets for “Rent Party: A 90s Tribute” are $10 and can be purchased at www.blacksocialmusic.org or on EventBrite at https://bit.ly/2LnUQLo. Tickets at the door are $15. Must be 18+ to attend.)

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