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KO & The Crew seek to create musical experience this weekend

“The coldest story ever told… but better each time,” says Kori Wallace, the leader of KO & The Crew.

After a successful rent party to close out last year, the band is back!

KO & The Crew returns to the legendary ‘Sounds Good Memphis Stage’ on Friday, July 26th at 8 p.m. to present “The Autobiography | 2 Years, 2 Months, 3 Days in the life of The Crew”.

The band consists of nine young musicians, hailing from Memphis. They offer listeners a fresh approach to music.

“It will be a powerful evening of music and stories that speak to our journey as a group, and Memphis’ journey as a culture,” says Wallace.

The show will be a collective of the bands best sounds and stories, both new and old created since the band’s inception.

“This show will differ from the rent party because this is our music, our sound, our way. Last December, we played classic hits that defined our childhood years. This time, we will be showcasing our own music,” says Wallace.

“This time, raw turns into real, and this is sure to be the summer’s most exciting function.”

The night will consists of the crew performing multiple sounds, that they refer to as “BlackSocialMusic”.

BlackSocialMusic is a style comprised of Jazz, Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul, R&B, and Spoken Word.

“It’s a music of stories, encounters, and experiences,” says Wallace. “It is equally an art form as it is a social and creative renaissance; bred right here in the heart of the city, there is truly no sound more “Memphis” than this.”

The Crew has developed a reputation for dynamic and spirited shows that highlight art in its truest form and vulnerability. They have been nominated for three Best In Black Awards, performed at the Inaugural Springboard Memphis Music Festival, performed on News Channel 3 and had the opportunity to teach students at the Memphis Jazz Workshop.

“This show will be a true experience. The term “concert” alone doesn’t do it justice,” says Wallace. “This show will be the chance for everyone to let loose and be their natural selves— feel and enjoy the music and atmosphere.”

The band will be performing sounds inspired from Memphis, The Caribbean Islands and more. Whether you cut loose on the dance floor or keep your back on the wall, the band’s going to keep the sounds coming all night.

“We will be doing a live recording of this event to release to the world, so everyone from the crew, to the audience plays apart, in this experience,” exclaimed Wallace.

(Tickets for “The Autobiography | 2 Years, 2 Months, 3 Days in the life of The Crew” can be purchased at www.blacksocialmusic.org. Follow KO & The Crew on Instagram @thecrewonline.)

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