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Kyndall Harris: Dancing with Janet II

For Kyndall Harris, Memphis is “home” and when she hits the stage Wednesday night dancing at Janet Jackson’s concert at the FedExForum she will be all about handling her business.

At 14, Kyndall is a businesswoman. Her basic products are her talents, including the ability to dance on tour with an entertainment superstar whose dance moves have been imitated by young, older and in-between performers around the world.

On Tuesday afternoon, Kyndall visited the offices of The New Tri-State Defender with her parents. While dancing on tour with “Ms. Jackson” would be a bucket-list, must-do item for most aspiring dancers, Kyndall actually is on her second go round.

“Other than I am much taller,” everything on the second tour has been as “great” as the first, Kyndall said matter-of-factly. “That’s about the only difference.”

Does she get nervous?

“Oh my goodness, yes sir; of course I get nervous. I get nervous before every single show. “But I asked the big girls, who have become like my sisters, and they always say nerves are good,” Kyndall said.

“Immediately after a concert I go and take a shower,” she said in response to a question. “It’s a nice workout.”

Kyndall began with the family dance group Mommies Girlz, Inc., comprised of Sidney, Kyndall and Chase Harris. Named Most Influential Teen at Fashion Week 2017, she has been featured on “Steve Harvey,” “Ellen” and in Elle Magazine. You can Google her anytime to watch her explode on stage. Her subscriber list has grown to more than 300k.

While home in Memphis with the Janet Jackson State of the World Tour, Kyndall, who has written a book, spent time encouraging other teens to pursue their talents.


(For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/MOMMIESGIRLZINC.)



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