These LeMoyne-Owen College seniors gave Capstone presentations. Pictured (l-r): Jerry Becton, Jon Tuner, Destinie Mull, D'Angelqueat Warren Jr. and Malyk Burnett. (Photo: Gary S. Whitlow/GSW Enterprises/The Tri-State Defender)

Mothers and fathers, grandparents, siblings and cousins, aunts as well as uncles sat alongside other family members and friends during the Senior Capstone Presentations at LeMoyne-Owen College on Monday (December 4).

A capstone project is “a final project that allows students to showcase the knowledge and skills they have gained throughout their academic program, while applying them to real-world problems and issues.”

The form is an oral presentation, scored by attending divisional faculty members.

The Capstone presentations at LeMoyne-Owen College grabbed attention, with faculty members zeroed in and taking notes. (Photo: Gary S. Whitlow/GSW Enterprises/The Tri-State Defender)

Also on hand were junior classmates in anticipation of the day they would be called upon as graduating seniors to deliver a presentation of their own making.

One by one, senior magicians from all course disciplines – The Division of Natural & Mathematical Sciences, The Division of Fine Arts and Humanities, The Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences, The Division of Education and The Division of Computer Science – answered the call, taking on relatable subjects.

Among them were:

Malyk Burnett, who spoke from personal experience about “The Persuasive Information of Social Media.”

Destinie Mull, who made the case for “The Missing Beat of Female Producers.”

D’Angelqueat Warren Jr., whose art work filled the room. He lit up as he spoke about how it came to be by way of “The Significance of Inspiration of Other Artists that Influence Artists.”

Jerry Beckton, whose topic – “Social Media and The Power It Has on Politics” – struck a nerve with everyone in the room.

Jon Turner, who probed “Reexamining Genre: An Exploration of Genre through Hip Hop & Reggaeton.”