Jasira Marion Olatunji, who performed spoken word during The Rise of 100 Moral Leaders Inductees Ceremony, put the event in this context: "To look out and see us all dressed alike in our black outfits and yellow masks? Dope! To know that we were connected by our respective works in our community? Divine!" The inductees were encouraged to wear all black, with a yellow (color of hope) mask. (Photo: Gary S. Whitlow/GSW Enterprises)

The Rise of 100 Moral Leaders Inductees Ceremony was held outside of the Historic House of Mtenzi Museum, 1289 Madison Ave., last Sunday (April 4). 

The ceremony opened up with a performance by Cam Mtenzi, aka Stanley Campbell. (Photo: Gary S. Whitlow/GSW Enterprises)

Stanley Campbell, aka Cam Mtenzi, said the inspiration for what he envisions as movement of 300 moral leaders is drawn from the biblical reference to God’s miracle-use of 300 soldiers to defeat a force of 100,000. The goal is 300 inductees by 2023. 

An Official Rise of 100 Moral Leader’s Award Ceremony is set for Oct. 9-10 in association with the 26th Annual Prestigious Stone “EBEN” Awards. 

During that event at a location to determined, MA’&9 MustardSeeds Legacy also will honor the late Fred “Hollywood” Moore (former WDIA Radio personality and Annual Stone Awards host); Associate Publisher/Executive Editor Karanja A. Ajanaku representing The New Tri-State Defender; and nine “Matriarch Mothers in Memphis” in commemoration of the late Ma’ The Brownlee-Campbell (Matriarch Mother of Memphis).