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LENS & LINES: Was the 90s Block Party a blast? Yup Yup!

I really wasn’t in the concert mood but my wife really wanted to attend the 90’s Block Party Concert series. So we went. Good call, sweetheart!

Headlined by Teddy Riley and Guy, the tour also featured Dru Hill, Faith Evans, 112, and Jagged Edge. They had FedExForum rockin’!

Dru Hill opened up the show with so much energy you couldn’t help but stand up. I am not a big fan of music being played by track but at least it was recorded live, and only the first three groups performed off of pre-recorded tracks. I am an ole School guy, and this group can really sing and perform.

Next up was Faith Evans, who did well but I think personally would have done better with a live band. But she looked amazing. Next up was the crooning Kings and Bad Boys Jagged Edge who sang their songs and were joined up the stage with 112. These groups can stand on their own by themselves, but together they were dynamite.

Next up was Guy featuring Aaron Hall and Damien Hall, and performing with them their producer,Teddy Riley mega producer and the Creator of New Jack Swing Style. OMG with all of the hits between these guys (no pun intended), it really was a great show.

Wait hold it! I am not finished. Even the host did a great job between acts telling jokes. While we were waiting for Guy and Teddy Riley to perform he took the mike around the arena to see who could sing. I have to say Memphis has some talent.

Last but not least, Keith Sweat showed up and performed. This concert was truly a blockbuster I give it 4.5 stars. I would have given it a 5.0 but I am “Ole School” and like my bands! Enjoy the photos!

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