No stranger to Memphis, Lyfe Jennings returned the love of concert-goers. (Photo: Betty Sanders)

With his silky, sultry voice in full effect, R&B soul singer Lyfe Jennings inaugurated the first Valentine’s Day Love Jam at Minglewood Hall this past Friday night (Feb 9th).

Performing chart topping hits such as “Must be nice” and “Statistics,” the former VH1 “Love and Hip-Hop” star pressed the case for spreading love.

TSD concert-reviewer Dalisia Brye with Lyfe Jennings. (Photo: Brenda Sanders)

“We as people need more love overall,” Lyfe shared with me during an exclusive interview with The New Tri-State Defender. “Love is the glue that holds everything together, and that’s what I’m here to do…spread the love.”

The Minglewood Hall venue was filled with concert-goers with love and Valentine’s Day on their minds.

“My 16-year anniversary is the day after Valentine’s Day,” said Willie Smith. “My wife loves Lyfe Jennings and she was so happy when I got her the tickets. I feel like my job is done, at least for now.”

The sold-out show featured local opening acts such as Arnishia King, who dazzled the crowd with familiar tunes. Once Lyfe hit the stage, concert-goers showed their appreciation to the crooner by chanting the lyrics to his songs.

Lyfe Jennings was a man in motion at Minglewood Hall. (Photo: Brenda Sanders)

“The energy in here is amazing!” Lyfe said.

At the end of the two-hour show, some wiped away tears as Lyfe spoke words of encouragement to those that may not have a Valentine’s companion this year.

“Loving yourself is the best love to give yourself, work on that first,” he said.

Visiting twice a year, Lyfe has a feel for the love in Memphis.

“Memphis always shows me love and I try to come as often as I can. I love the culture, especially Beale Street,” he said. “I’ll most certainly be back as long as Memphis continues to l have me.”