Man takes selfies with thief who stole his wallet news selfie robber 1

(Photo: Facebook)

A Brooklyn man dropped his wallet on the subway, and when another man picked it up and ran off with it, he wasn’t about to let it slide.

The man, who goes by Cee Da-Prophet on Facebook, posted the footage that he took of himself and the thief on Facebook. He later told the New York Post  what had happened leading up to his encounter with the man, explaining that even though the thief had managed to run off with his wallet before the train doors closed, Cee caught up with him at the next platform.

“I was like, ‘That’s not happening to me today. I got stuff to do,’” he recalled thinking to himself.

“By the time I got back to the platform, it must have been 15 minutes later,” Cee said. “I didn’t expect to see him, but when the train was pulling up, he was right there by a garbage can…I grabbed him and started cursing at him. He said, ‘I don’t have your wallet.’ So I told him to empty your pockets and he wouldn’t.”

In the Facebook videos, Cee is seen to be holding the alleged thief by the side and explaining what happened, all while the thief insists that he does not have Cee’s wallet. However, he refuses to empty his pockets when Cee tells him he will release him if he does so.

“I’m on the train, my f–king wallet falls out my pocket — this man picks up my wallet and dips off the shit,” Cee says in the video. “And then [he] stays in the area! You stupid f–k! Are you crazy?! Thank God I caught your ass. A n—a gotta go to work today. I got to feed my f–king kids, you taking my debit cards and s–t! You will never walk around here again.”

Cee jokes around with the man for a while, needling him about the fact that the thief is much leaner than Cee and still could not outrun him, among other things. He also takes selfies with the thief in addition to the video.

“Get the f–k out of here. I’m trying to go to work today. How you feel about yourself right now? You feel your stomach in your f**king nuts right now, right? Yea, yea, yea. It’s alright. Me and you sharing a nice little hug. You’re gonna be on IG by the end of the day. You’re gonna be on World Star…You’re gonna be everywhere,” he says.

After getting his wallet back and filming the man who took it, Cee filed a police report, and the thief was reportedly later arrested for possession of stolen property.

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