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Martin Luther King Jr. takes a knee with Kaepernick on ‘New Yorker’ cover

The latest New Yorker cover features Martin Luther King, Jr., kneeling alongside Colin Kaepernick and Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett.

The artist, Mark Ulriksen explained that he had asked himself, “What would King be doing if he were around today?” And, deciding that he would have sided with the NFL protesters, a cover was born.

“I’m glad that Colin Kaepernick and Michael Bennett are making it political,” Ulriksen said. “I’m sure that if King were around today, he’d be disappointed at the slow pace of progress. Two steps forward, 20 steps back. Or 10 yards back, as the metaphor may be.”

MLK Day is on January 15, and this cover is just in time for it. You can check out the cover image for yourself below.

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