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‘Meet the Snows’ in Memphis

Among the hot independent films of 2022 is Meet the Snows,” which combines art and entertainment to create social awareness around human trafficking in one grand performance.

“Meet The Snows” will be screened Thursday (October 27) at 7 p.m. at The Wolfchase Cinema located at 2766 N Germantown Pkwy.

The film is written by Keidra Ponder and Ron Taylor, directed by Robert Peters, and brought to life by a team of talented actors.

“Meet the Snows,” is a movie that has multiple layers, one being a focus on how criminal enterprises abduct people for human trafficking. The action-drama focuses on the dangers of human slavery, sex trafficking, and the lengths one family will go to save their child.

Fredrick Harper, a native of Memphis, is one of the producers of “Meet the Snows.” (Courtesy photo)

One of the producers, Fredrick Harper, who is originally from Memphis and currently resides in Atlanta, performed a featured role and has music on the soundtrack under the moniker One Deuce.

“It was only proper to screen the film in Memphis,” said Harper.

Ron Taylor, who is the executive producer of the project, already had Memphis in the queue.

Harper started out performing poetry, recording music, and acting in high school. He placed fifth in the Tennessee’s High School Speech and Drama League (THSSDL) on behalf of Hamilton High School, where he was Mr. Hamilton 1999.

A self-described public servant, Harper is a board member of several organizations that help those in need, and an entrepreneur, who provides jobs in the community. He is on the Arts Council in Fairburn, Georgia, and is committed to lending his business savvy and creativity to the arts and entertainment world.

Harper’s most recent project was working with world-renowned author Zane as the second assistant director to her upcoming film project “Killer B&B.”

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