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Memphis Fire Department intern makes heroic response to wreck

The call Memphis Fire Department Lt. Major McNeil received was from KayLee Mosley, an intern with MFD. However, this was not an ordinary work-related call. Mosley calmly told him that she had witnessed a vehicle accident and that the driver was not responsive.

McNeil asked Mosley if anyone had called 911 and once she confirmed, she informed McNeil she would assist the driver with CPR. McNeil told Mosley to be safe.

Mosley was headed home from work at MFD (on June 26) when she witnessed the vehicle strike a wall on the eastbound exit of Interstate 385 at Kirby Parkway. After pulling over, Mosley and another bystander approached the mangled vehicle and assessed that the victim was not breathing.

An off-duty officer also stopped and proceeded to pull the victim from the car and start chest compressions. Mosley then went to her car to retrieve her personal pocket face mask and returned to assist with the CPR, while giving instructions to the other bystander.

MFD arrived at the scene and provided care to the victim, who regained consciousness and was transported to the hospital.

The New Tri-State Defender spoke with Mosley about her courageous actions that day.

“I thought it was someone working on something when I first saw (the accident), until I slowed down and saw that there was someone else who had pulled over.

“I knew the man in the truck hadn’t been helped,” she said. “I had just received training for CPR the week before and I knew I could do it.”

Asked how he felt about Mosley’s actions, McNeil said, “I was very excited that she wanted to help but her safety was most important to me.” He believes bravery is something that is expected out of young people.

“It’s one thing to know CPR, but it is important that they know how to apply it in the correct situation. What KayLee did saved that man’s life,” McNeil said. “I am very proud of her and her actions, and that should be merited and praised.”

Mosley is a graduate of Briarcrest Christian School and an ambassador with the Memphis Ambassadors Program coordinated by the city’s Office of Youth Employment. The 18 year old will be attending Loyola University in the fall to pursue a degree in nursing. This summer she is gaining real-world perspective and appreciation for emergency medical services through her internship with MFD.

McNeil wants to acknowledge Mosley’s actions and nominate her for MFD’s Civilian Service Award.

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