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‘Mom’-inspired vision yields mass-choir music memory

Individuals and groups traveled from myriad places to be at New Salem Baptist Church last Saturday for Music From The Masses, the event designed to celebrate the Tennessee Mass Choir’s 27th anniversary.

“To see history in the making with the uniting of legendary gospel mass choirs under one roof was so surreal,” said Jason Clark, executive director of The Tennessee Mass Choir and CEO of Music From The Masses.

“This vision was inspired by my mom, Fannie Cole Clark, founder of the Tennessee Mass Choir. So for us to pull it together and see it manifested was absolutely exciting for us.”

The Mississippi Mass Choir, the Tennessee Mass Choir, and the Arkansas Gospel Mass Choir, alongside a host of well-known local artists and famed singer, Joshua Rogers, were among those who performed during Saturday night’s live recording. Jubilant voices sang in the holiday season, bringing a harmonious vision of unity, love, and diversity – the mission it aimed to achieve.

The inaugural Music From The Masses concert was pitched as the first of many shows to come. Music From The Masses will be an annual event that aims to hit the road on tour, uniting mass choirs across the country to uplift and unite the world through gospel song.

“If my mother was here tonight, she would be so proud,” Clark said after the concert concluded.

“It was our goal to bring communities together, breaking down barriers – and tonight we did that.”

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