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Mother of injured TSU football player Christion Abercrombie says he plans to return to school

by Lucus Johnson — TSU News Service — 

NASHVILLE – TSU student-athlete Christion Abercrombie continues to amaze following a severe head injury in a football game. He may be back in the classroom soon.

His mother, Staci, recently stated at a press conference in Abercrombie’s hometown of Atlanta that he intends to return to Tennessee State University to complete his degree in sports management. She did not say exactly when.

The linebacker was injured in a game against Vanderbilt University on Sept. 29. But since then, he has made an incredible recovery.

In October, Abercrombie was transferred from Vanderbilt University Medical Center to the Shepherd Center, a rehabilitation facility in Atlanta. He was released from there last month, and continues to make progress. He spent some time with TSU President Glenda Glover when she visited Atlanta earlier this month.

Abercrombie’s mother has said her son’s improvement to where he is now is a “miracle.”

“We’re very grateful to God for what He’s already done and for what He is going to continue to do,” she said.


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