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MPD’s Operation “All Off Boyd” rounds up drugs, guns and gang members over weekend


If you heard about or witnessed a massive police operation in South Memphis over the weekend, you heard right.

On Tuesday, Interim Memphis Police Chief CJ Davis announced that MPD swept through the neighborhood of Tate Avenue and Boyd Street in South Memphis, near E.J. Crump Blvd. on Friday, June 7.

“Operation All Off Boyd” resulted in 12 arrests and the seizure of numerous weapons and drugs in a neighborhood long plagued by gang violence. The operation targeted the AOB gang, which police Chief Cerelyn “C.J.” Davis said has been responsible for a significant amount of crime in the area.

“On any given day, these individuals, sometimes in crowds of 20 to 40, would completely take over the block, brandishing high-powered weapons, engaging in illegal drug activity, and creating an environment of chaos and fear,” Davis said. “Our primary goal in this operation was to reclaim the streets for the neighbors of Memphis who want and deserve to live peacefully in their homes, free from illegal and dangerous drugs, blight, and nuisance properties.

“We have only just begun,” she continued.

Davis said that over a three-year period, MPD has responded to 340 calls in the area, including disturbances, shootings, and robberies.

The operation, which involved 140 personnel from the Memphis Police Department, Tennessee Highway Patrol, ATF, FBI and other agencies, resulted in the seizure of seven handguns, seven long guns, 3.7 pounds of marijuana, 429 Xanax pills, and $4,291 in cash. Two vehicles were also confiscated.

“A very small percentage of people commit most of the violent crimes in our city,” Davis said. “Our citizens have proven that we are not alone in this battle; they are ready and willing to be part of the change they want to see.”

Mayor Paul Young echoed the sentiment in brief remarks.

“Our community is fed up. And we know it. And our teams are working hard every day to ensure those wreaking havoc in our community are taken off the streets.

“So just know that if you’re out there doing things that are not uplifting our community,” Young warned, “We ARE watching. And we WILL be coming to get you.”

The investigation is ongoing, and Davis said she expects more arrests to be made. She also said the department will continue to maintain a strong presence in the community to prevent a resurgence of criminal activity.

“We want to send a message to those individuals who are terrorizing this community that we are here and we plan to continue to monitor and make sure that this activity does not continue,” Davis said.

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