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One North Carolina mom is furious after seeing video of a Cotswald Elementary School teacher hitting her 11-year-old daughter with a Swiffer broom.

“You cannot be a teacher and be able to teach children if you can lose your cool in a manner where you hurt someone else’s child,” the outraged mom, Tiffany Fields told Fox 46.

The video was reportedly captured on Snapchat by another student in the classroom. Fields says that about two weeks ago she was called into the principal’s office to discuss an incident that occurred between her daughter and another student.


“I was told a child hit my child with a broom, and that my child hit the child back with a broom. Kid things. And some minor altercation between children,” Fields said.

But somehow, the video eventually made its way to social media and apparently told a very different story.

“But the video I saw was the total opposite, it was a teacher losing control of herself and hitting a child in the head with a broom and lunging at her twice, forcing her into a wall,” Fields said.

Fields posted the video to Facebook over the weekend and then called the school, demanding an explanation. On Tuesday morning she was called into another meeting with school officials and a police officer. In the meeting, Fields said that the officer made it seem as if the incident was her daughter’s fault.

“You are filing charges on behalf of my child, you haven’t even talked to her yet, you believe these statements before even talking to my child,” she said.

Fields believes that, regardless of what occurred in the classroom, the teacher was out of line for the actions that she took against Fields’ child.


“[My daughter] told me, ‘Why didn’t she help me? I was the one who got hit with the broom. I was sticking up for her. I was sticking up for her. He was disrespecting the teacher.’”

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