Apostle Ken Toney, Pastor Carolyn Toney and their children, Kennedie Toney and Timothy Toney, are the “first family” of Dwelling Place International Church, whose growth has led to a move to a larger location in Collierville. (Courtesy photo)

A “Grand Opening” revival at their new location in Collierville has marked a new beginning for Dwelling Place International Church.

Apostle Ken Toney and Pastor Carolyn Toney are celebrating the new worship venue at 114 East U.S. Hwy. 72. An eight-day revival, which began Friday (Aug. 19), continues nightly through Aug. 26 with local speakers and their congregations.

“We don’t really hear about revivals anymore,” said Apostle Toney. “But for us, it was just a matter of praying and obeying God. “We invited our friends to come and preach … and we are excited about what the Lord is doing.”

The Dwelling Place International Church (DPIC) mission reflects a commitment to reaching the world with the gospel of Jesus and partnering with other ministries in the DPIC network to plant churches, develop leaders, and engage in prayer with other believers around the world.

Already rooted in Collierville, DPIC now occupies a larger building in the city.

“We are in the southeast corner of Shelby County,” said Apostle Toney. “It’s just about a mile from the Mississippi state line. This is Collierville, but it isn’t the upscale, suburban Collierville people generally know.

“It’s an area of underserved, impoverished communities on the city’s edge. There is great potential for growth in every direction, including Mississippi.”

Toney, a graduate of Whitehaven High School and the University of Memphis, works as an IT professional. He recalls being moved to start a church.

“When the Lord called me to plant a church, it was certainly an act of faith,” he said. “My wife never signed up for this. She just wanted to be a regular wife and mother. But she pastors alongside me. I have been blessed with a wonderful partner, not only in marriage but also in the ministry.”

Dwelling Place International began in 2008 in the family’s living room.

“We started from scratch,” said Toney. “I wanted to obey God, and so we just started right there in our home. … (T)he Lord blessed our efforts. And 14 years later, here we are. …

“We have been blessed with this new church to broaden our reach as the gospel of Jesus goes forth,” said Toney. “We don’t take anything for granted. We are so grateful for what the Lord is doing. We operate in the will of God, and that is the best place to be.”

Apostle Stephen Garner, the pastor to the Toney family, said of Dwelling Place International, “Intentional actions must be implemented to grow in grace. Nurturing relationships, which are connected to purpose, is a must. DPIC is connected to purpose.”

Speakers for the grand-opening revival include Bishop Gerald Coleman, Prophetess Tylonda Leavell, Apostle Stephen Garner, Prophetess Yolonda Garner, Apostle Larry Pratcher, Pastor Kelvin Givens, Pastor Chris Conlee, Pastor Greg Wright, and Pastor Carl Irons.

The revival, which begins each night at 7, is free and open to the public.

(More information is available at: www.dwellinginhim.org.)