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New podcast to provide insight into Shelby County government

There are a lot of reasons why you might not be able to make it to a Shelby County Commission meeting. Work. Family obligations. Classes. Church responsibilities.

That’s why County Commission Chairman Van Turner Jr. is launching a brand new podcast called “The Chairman’s Perspective” on the Memphis-based Kudzukian Network.

The Chairmans Perspective is available on Kudzukian.

Co-hosted by TSD Assistant Editor Lee Eric Smith, each week, the show dives into issues involving Shelby County Government — from deannexation to corporate tax incentives, and everything in between. And with an easy-flowing conversational style, the hope is to not just be informative but to be engaging — and even entertaining.

“People still want to know what’s going on in county government,” Turner said. “This is just one way to keep people informed. And the fact this format is a little more laid back gives us a different way to explore some of these issues affecting our constituents.”

Currently, a sample episode is available on Apple Podcasts, but like other Kudzukian shows, future episodes will also be available on Spotify, Google Play and other providers.

Smith said that his role is to act as a stand-in for everyday citizens who might have questions about county affairs — particularly on hot-button issues, like the closing of Electrolux, upcoming South Cordova deannexations and of course, the removal of Confederate monuments, which Turner helped facilitate in late 2017.

“For instance, there are a lot of people who don’t know what a ‘PILOT’ or ‘TIFF’ is,” Smith said. “So in one segment, I ask Chairman Turner to not only define those terms, but to explain how they impact Shelby County. I think it’s refreshing to have your elected official sit down and go through these things so the public can be informed.”

Kudzukian founder Larry Robinson said a handful of episodes are already recorded and will be released in the coming weeks. New episodes are recorded each Friday and should be available for download each Tuesday morning.

“We’re grateful that we were chosen for this project,” said Kudzukian founder Larry Robinson. “We aim to produce ‘infotainment’ — content that is fun and engaging but also insightful and informative. ‘The Chairman’s Perspective’ packages this important information in a way that lets people see the issues from a different angle and to see a different side of their elected officials.”

Kudzukian produces popular podcasts like “The Funky Politics,” “3 Black Chicks” and “R & R On Sports.” For more info, visit www.kudzukian.com.

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