In an electrifying overtime battle, the University of Memphis women’s basketball team clinched a 79-74 victory against Rice. This triumph not only marked a significant win for the team but also celebrated head coach Alex Simmons’ 100th career win.

The game, characterized by its dynamic shifts and intense moments, saw Memphis initially lead, only to face a challenging comeback from Rice.

The Lady Tigers’ offense was driven by standout performances from several key players. Alasia Smith led the charge, scoring 18 points and securing 14 rebounds, contributing significantly to the team’s success.

Madison Griggs also played a pivotal role, adding 12 points and displaying excellent playmaking skills with seven assists. Other notable contributions came from Hannah Riddick and Shelbee Brown, who together added 29 points off the bench, proving vital in the Lady Tigers’ triumph.

Rice, despite the loss, showed commendable skill and determination. Dominique Ennis was a leading scorer for Rice with 21 points, while Destiny Jackson contributed 17 points.

The game was a thrilling display of collegiate basketball at its finest, with both teams showcasing talent, teamwork, and a competitive spirit. The Lady Tigers’ victory in this closely contested match speaks volumes about their ability to perform under pressure and their unwavering commitment to excellence on the basketball court.

Next: The Lady Tigers take on Tulane on Saturday, Feb. 24 in New Orleans, then return to Memphis for a Feb. 28 tip against UTSA.