Precious Hudson’s graduation surprise


by Shirley Jackson —

A three-car caravan rolled up on Precious Hudson at her home in Lakeview Gardens earlier this week, delivering a memory she never will forget.

With honking horns and practicing social distancing, screaming teachers got out of their cars to congratulate Precious on being a graduate in the Senior Class of 2020 from Freedom Preparatory Academy.

They planted a graduate sign in her yard.

For Precious Hudson, a member of the 2020 graduating class at Freedom Preparatory Academy, senior year was beyond anything she imagined as a result of the pandemic. With multiple scholarships, she’s weighing her post-graduate options. (Photo: Shirley Jackson)

Later, the TSD asked Precious about her post-graduation plans.

“I want to go to college,” she said.

With several scholarships, Precious has options.

“I’m trying to figure it out,” she said. “I have been doing some poetry scholarships. I might go to UAPB (University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff). But, I just got another acceptance (letter) to JSU (Jackson State University) this morning.”

Is it a full ride?

“No,” she said. “I wish it was, but every little bit helps.”