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RealRed’s latest is a ‘statement’ two-years in the making

TSD’s All Over Town columnist Brianna A. Smith.

Memphis’ music scene – it’s one that somehow doesn’t ever quite get the credit it deserves, but leads to more than a handful of hidden gems.

Jorres Nelson, also known as RealRed, is Memphis’ newest producer to deliver a music project highlighting Memphis talent.

“Only The Real Relate” was released on May 8 on all music streaming platforms. It is a guest-filled album that showcases RealRed’s hard-hitting production style and Memphis’ rising rappers.

“I feel like I made a statement with this tape,” said RealRed. “It took me two years to perfect it.

“I created 40 songs with every artist from the city (that)I wanted to feature on the tape, and from there I picked 15 songs I felt best flowed together,” he said.

Themed around Memphis’ thriving rap/hip hop scene, the album features various artists from the city such as, Big Boogie, Co Cash, Lil Beezy, Fast Cash Boyz, Kevo Muney, Krucial, Casino Jizzle, Big30, YNC Capo, Tee Top, Big Homiie G, and BlocBoy JB.

RealRed’s laid-back, unhurried rhythm and heavy bass sound is extremely Memphis, however his beats provide a diverse melodic canvas that any artist could paint on.

“My musical influences are Drake, Money Man, Alicia Keys and Fred Hammond,” said RealRed. “I feel like my sound challenges people. My sound is influenced by me growing up playing the drums in church. I have a lot of soul in my sound.”

His production is defined by its smoothness, forcing melodies out of any rapper who slides on his beats. His sound mixes a trap style with bouncy synths and a knack for catchy melodies.

One of my favorite tracks off the album, “Red Bottoms” featuring BlocBoy JB, showcases that very well.

The hook is catchy and the verse is snappy, especially with BlocBoy’s tottering rap style.

It would be lazy, offensive even, to label RealRed’s production as solely trap. His beats manage to feel both minimalist and maximalist at the same time, with him creating vast compositions that feel and sound good to both men and women.

RealRed: “My sound is influenced by me growing up playing the drums in church. I have a lot of soul in my sound.” (Courtesy photo)

“I feel like the Memphis music scene is rising,” said RealRed. “It’s a lot of talk here right now and I am excited to finally be able to release my art and be a part of it.”

Production throughout the project is nearly perfect and the placement of songs flow well.

“Only The Real Relate” is a cohesive listen for album. I thoroughly enjoyed RealRed’s debut and look forward to hearing more from him

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