The Rev. Roosevelt Jackson, a member of the Memphis Baptist Ministerial Association, modeled the wear-a-mask safety protocol as he stepped off an elevator. (Photo: Tyrone P. Easley)

The Pew Research Center has issued what it hails as its “most comprehensive, in-depth attempt to explore religion among Black Americans.”

The centerpiece is a nationally representative survey of 8,660 Black adults (ages 18 and older), featuring questions designed to examine Black religious experiences. 

Such a large sample was recruited, researchers said, to examine the diversity of the U.S. Black population.

The sample consists of a wide range of adults who identify as Black or African American, including some who identify as both Black and Hispanic or Black and another race (such as Black and White, or Black and Asian).

The New Tri-State Defender will explore aspects of the study in periodic stories and updates.