RobenX to the rescue

United Nations council taps a Memphis talent to strengthen albinism awareness


“If I died today, I know why I was born. I was born to speak out against bullying, build awareness about albinism, and share my love for music with the world!”

So says Memphis-based rapper Robdarius Brown, whose alter ego and stage name is RobenX. He was born with albinism, the congenital disorder characterized by complete or partial absence of pigment in the skin.

Brown recently received a United-Nations invite to Geneva, Switzerland, where he will continue his activist role in raising awareness about albinism and the need to combat the bullying directed at those living with it.

A dynamic 19 year old, Brown aka RobenX, is often described as bright –a reference to both his skin tone and his intellect.

“I was born with ocular albinism, which is a lack of pigmentation in my skin that affects my hair, skin and eyes,” said Brown.

Throughout grade school he was bullied, jumped and called names because of his albinism. At 9, he was knocked unconscious by a group of middle-school-aged boys.

“It was extremely difficult for me growing up. I was bullied throughout my entire life. I was hurt and I was heartbroken most of my childhood. I was depressed, almost to the point that I wanted to end my life,” Brown said. “I initially used music as an avenue to escape from the real world.

“I found a way to relieve my pain. I started listening to music. Music helped me to deal with my emotions, so I began to write. Then I became a rapper. And becoming a rapper helped me to gain confidence.”

RobenX doesn’t rap about what most rappers rap about, meaning luxury cars, money and fame.

“I rap about struggle, overcoming pain and depression, and anti-bullying. My truths!”

His style of music is hip hop/rock. You can definitely hear some of his musical influences, such as Tupac, Kendrick Lamar, Lincoln Park, Eminem and J. Cole.

The invitation to Geneva was extended by the United Nations Human Rights Council. He will be performing his latest hit “Pure” and participate in a roundtable discussion with the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

“Right now they are celebrating 70 years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, …their principles align with everything that I stand for.”

He also will featured in what will be his second worldwide albinism awareness campaign led by the United Nations Human Rights Coal. The goal of the campaign is to highlight inspirational stories told by persons with albinism, those who provide medical support and those who advocate for human rights around the world.

When RobenX isn’t making music, he spends time visiting schools, telling his story and bringing awareness to anti-bullying.

“All I want to do is enlighten people about albinism and share my story with people.”

(To contact RobenX, email [email protected]. Check him out on Instagram @therobenx. Visit