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Ryan Coogler shares powerful thoughts on why ‘Black Panther’ is a political statement

Ryan Coogler knows how comic books work. He embraced the political nature of crafting and directing the new Black Panther film with that in mind.

The movie was definitely built on a foundation of bold statements on power and respect.

“T’Challa is a political person; he’s a politician,” Coogler said of the story’s central figure, who is portrayed by actor Chadwick Boseman. “That’s what he is. If you have to fill out a resume, and you have to ask ‘What is he?’, he’s not going to write ‘superhero’ on there. He’s going to write ‘politician.’”

Coogler is also definitely aware of the significance of Black Panther for moviegoers of color.

“This film definitely has an added layer and added texture if you are of African descent,” Coogler told Entertainment Studios’ Jon Kelley at a recent press junket. “You’ll see (in the movie) that the Wakandas are very proud to be African.”

Varietypredicts the superhero film could haul in some $150 million at the box office.

Coogler also co-write the movie with Joe Robert Cole.

TheGrio.com is counting down to the premiere of Black Panther on February 16 with additional video interviews, features and commentary. #BlackPantherSoLit

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