"Santa" Carl Grandberry V makes sure other kids have gifts for the holidays. Courtesy photo)

Five-year-old Carl Grandberry V is preparing to give Santa Claus a run for his money this year by giving Christmas presents to as many underprivileged children as possible in Memphis.

With help from his mother, Shauna Grandberry, donations from the community and his very own allowance, Carl makes it his priority to ensure children who are homeless and/or less fortunate have clothes, coats, toys and . . . well, the list goes on.

“I want all the kids to feel happy, cute, handsome and pretty,” Carl Grandberry said. “It makes me happy when I make them happy.”

In search of Christmas spirit, “All Over Town” columnist Brianna A. Smith discovered that Carl Grandberry V is a kindergarten student with a big heart. (Courtesy photo)

Needless to say, Shauna Grandberry is proud of her son.

“He’s been curious for a while about why some children didn’t have everything that he has,” she said. “He wanted to find a way to gift as many kids as possible with necessities, games and toys.”

When Carl was just four, he started giving Easter baskets to underprivileged kids in his community of Raleigh. He successfully provided 45 children with baskets. Support was so great that Carl has been able to provide gifts for kids every holiday since.

“I just want kids to have fun and get whatever they want,” he said.

Now he’s thinking global. He’s launching his own nonprofit called A Child’s Dream International.

“My dream is to visit Africa and bring as many kids as I can shoes and belts,” he said.

Carl Grandberry will be distributing gifts on December 20 at the W. W. Herenton Renaissance Center, College Park Dr. at noon.

(Carl Grandberry is always looking for donations. To donate or learn how to receive an item, email [email protected]; or visit www.facebook.com/shauna.grandberry.)