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Saturday event blends mixing and socializing with metaphysics and self-fulfillment

Metaphysical therapist Cue Reaves says we would all be much happier if we could find a way to tap into our truer, subconscious selves. And a Saturuday night event hosted by The Lioness Frequency aims to be a profound and life-changing experience for those who attend.

Reaves, an Atlanta-based spiritual teacher, headlines “Do You Know Happiness Begins With You,” a uniquely designed event that fuses social mixer with a subconscious awakening session at the Jack Robinson Art Gallery in downtown Memphis.

The Lioness Frequency is a creation of “Lifeworks Coach” Nyah Nile. The entity was formed to promote and sponsor events about self-improvement, successful living and inner healing of all kinds.

Metaphysics is the philosophy that deals with abstract concepts, such as: being, knowing, substance, cause, identity, time, and space.

“We all have burdens that tire us, memories that pull us, and energies that make us special,” Reaves said. “When we discover internally how to tap into our real selves, happiness and fulfillment will be the result. Unlocking your beautiful and mysterious subconscious mind empowers us to enjoy happiness deeply and authentically.”

Reaves says that traditional systems of faith and belief are patriarchal. Their prophets and central figures are all men. But real discovery and “soul communication” returns one to a matriarchal system in a “time before time” leads back to the black woman.

“I am a reflection of the black woman,” he said. “We must not rule and suppress her. She is not someone who needs us to protect her. The black woman is to be highly respected. We seek to return her to former glory. All bodies came out of her. We are all remnants of the black woman.”

Event host Nyah Nile hopes the event will help guide people to their internal happiness. Also featured will be internationally recognized author and filmmaker, Aisha Raison, as the evening’s emcee.

“True happiness is not found in external occurrences or even in people who are in our circle,” Nile said. “But it is possible for you and I to begin finding peace in solitude and actually forget the beauty that comes with collective, shared joy.

“Cue Reaves helps individuals discover that inner joy and peace using the tools and techniques that he, himself, has uncovered in his own journey,” she added.

Reaves is also expected to provide insight on mental health and how one can train his or her own mind “to conquer fear and other negative energy that impedes conscientious, joyful living.”

“Our amazing speaker will also be reminding us how we can resist the false temptation of achieving happiness through external commodities,” Nile said. “He will explain how we can feel at peace with our own selves by finding love and purpose from within.

Reaves will make his presentation against a backdrop of signature cocktails, CDB oil massages for spiritual therapy and chronic pain, crystal healing sessions, intuitive readings, name readings and their meanings, dream interpretations, music, dating games, and a raffle for special gifts. A pop-up metaphysical shop will also be featured, offering crafting tools for additional assistance with “subconscious rediscovery.”

“This won’t be your average spiritual healing night,” Nile said. “It will be an evening to remember and cherish for all who attend.”

The mixer opens at 7 p.m. on Saturday, with Reaves’ presentation starting at 8 p.m. The mixer ends at 11 p.m. The Jack Robinson Art Gallery is located at 400 S. Front Street. To learn more and purchase tickets, visit www.thelionessfrequency.com or email lionessfrequency@gmail.com.

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