If you watched Sunday’s game between the San Francisco 49ers and the New York Giants, you watched the Niners get their first win, a 31-21 victory. You might have also seen Wide Receiver Marquise Goodwin emotionally collapse to his knees after catching a 83-yard touchdown pass.

What all but a handful of people did NOT know: Just hours earlier, Goodwin and his wife, Morgan, learned that their child was stillborn. And despite his desires to skip the game and be there for his family, Goodwin’s wife was the one who told him to take the field, the couple told CBS News in the clip that aired on CBS This Morning:

“We had our baby boy, we spent time with him. I’m explaining to him I want you to play in this game because I want your son to see you play,” Morgan said.

Marquise didn’t just play, he caught the pass for an 83-yard touchdown. It would lead San Francisco to its first win of the season.

“As I’m running, I just blow a kiss to God and to my baby and I dropped down on my knees and I give God his glory. Cause I’m thankful, I still am thankful for the opportunity just to be alive for my life,” Marquise said. “Even after all I’ve been through.”

As father of a five-month old son, this one brought me to tears. And of course, I kissed my boy and thanked God that he’s here and healthy. My prayers and thoughts to the Goodwins and any other family dealing with the tragic loss of a child.

Go get your tissue before watching this clip . . . you’re gonna need it . . .