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Shelby County Trustee unveils upgrade of property payment app

Shelby County Trustee Regina Morrison Newman recently unveiled an upgrade of the Trustee’s mobile app, with a new name and platform for taxpayers to pay property taxes from their smartphone; payitShelby is now payit901.

The Trustee’s Office began using the mobile app in December 2017 and has processed over 128,000 payments in the last year and a half.

“Nearly 40,000 people already use the mobile app to pay County taxes and it has enhanced customer service and convenience,” said. “The payit901 platform and the choice of e-billing make our office more efficient and provide 21st century options to serve the citizens of Shelby County.”

In an effort to provide more streamlined services to taxpayers, the Trustee’s Office joined forces with the City of Memphis to create a joint platform in payit901 to enable citizens to pay their Shelby County and City of Memphis taxes in one app. Property taxes for Arlington, Lakeland and Millington will also be able to be paid on the same app.

Starting May 2019, residents were offered the option of signing up for e-billing on payit901.com and thousands have done so.

To learn more or download the app: https://payments.shelbycountytrustee.com/

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